Art & Craft

Art and craft activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. Making art is a great, safe way to discover that it's okay to make mistakes and that getting things 'wrong' can lead you to a whole new idea. .

Who Should Attend The Program?
  • Students who want to learn new things and/or improve their skills in Arts
Week 1
  • Draw anything to see ability of students
  • Drawing of basic shapes
  • Introduce color and pencil shading
  • Landscape or still life
  • Technique: color /pencil shading
  • Week 2
  • Crayons technique (oil pastel)
  • Textures (with paint acrylics or poster colors)
  • Week 3
  • Leaf painting
  • Painting on canvas (small sizes)
  • Week 4
  • Calligraphy with different techniques
  • Vases with balloons
  • Extra Topics
  • Yon bunny with plastic football
  • Bouquet of paper flowers
  • Hat with disposable glass
  • Age Group 9+
    Course Fee:
    • PKR 10,000/- for each course
    • 25% discount for The Punjab School's students
    • Duration of Course:
      1 Month

    Fee Submission:

    • Fee Section-The Punjab School
      Township Campus
      Sector C-I Block-II, Lahore
    • Bank Name: Allied Bank Limited
      Account No. 01530010107144730017
    Please WhatsApp Your Fee Deposit Msg/Slip To <+923088882203> With Student Name and Contact Number (Training Dept.)
    For more information: +92 3088882203