School Leadership and Management


School Leadership and Management

Rationale: The Demand for Excellence In Early Years Education

A well-versed educational professional turns up with his/her best when it comes to educational management, student’s learning, teacher’s competence and creating close school & home partnership. School Leader’s vision & experience ensures school’s development & improvement. Following mentioned key learning areas will help you to explore your hidden leadership talent, deconstruct your skills and bring them into practice. The following Body of Knowledge (BoK) for School Leadership and Manager Certification course is approved by American Professional Certification Body of APROCSUSA and Quality Systems Leadership especially for Schools and Colleges

Duration Of Course:
This Is 03 Months On-Campus Course With Twice-A-Week Classes
Module 01: Educational Management
Module 02: Academics Management
Module 03: Assessment and Examination
Module 04: Admission & Enrollment Management
Module 05:Educational Technology
Module 06:School Financial and Budgeting
Module 07:School Inspection and Evaluation
Module 08:Franchise Operational Management
Detailed Course Outline:

Course Fee:
  • Standard Fee is PKR 13,000/-
  • - PKR.11,000/- per Month with 15% concession for Early Birds
  • - PKR.9,750/- per Month with 25% concession for Group of 2 or more

Fee Submission:

  • Fee Section-The Punjab School
    Township Campus
    Sector C-I Block-II, Lahore
  • Bank Name: Allied Bank Limited
    Account No. 01530010107144730017
Please WhatsApp Your Fee Deposit Msg/Slip To <+923088882203> With Student Name and Contact Number (Training Dept.)
For more information: +92 3088882203