English is an International tool for communication. A good command over language can unlock plenty of opportunities and experience. Everyone wishes to speak it but many of the students are unable to acquire the required skills and are hesitant of speaking English. This “Spoken English Course” has been designed to introduce students to the required latest strategies so that they can speak English effectively and present themselves confidently in public. Through this course, the students can not only learn about the best ways to develop speaking skills in themselves but they can also learn to expand their vocabulary and become fluent English language speakers as well. In just 12 sessions, the students will get clear insight and a straight way to develop basic competencies of spoken English in themselves and would become a confident and impressive public speaker.

Who should Attend the Program?
  • Anyone who wants to overcome the shyness, hesitation and wants to express him/herself in public
  • Anyone who wants to speak English fluently and confidently
  • Who wants to develop or improve the basic competencies of Spoken English language
  • Who needs to adopt the interactive ways of communication
  • Who wants to improve pronunciation & vocabulary for fluent communication
Week-wise Distribution of Content:
Module 1 (Pre-Basic): Overcoming Bridge of Shyness and Hesitation, Personality Development :
  • Significance of International Language in 21st Century
  • Greetings
  • Self-Introduction
  • Sentence structuring
  • Expressing likings and disliking
  • Communication Skills (making requests, expressing gratitude, complementing and
  • Communication Skills (making requests, expressing gratitude, complementing and
Module 2 (Intermediate): Strategies for Developing Fluency :
  • Expressing personal opinions
  • Providing logics, facts and examples
  • Effective strategies for fluent expression
  • Conversational skills enhancement
  • Confidence development
Module 3 (Advance): Developing Vocabulary, Acquiring Native Like Pronunciation and English Accent :
  • Drilling and mirror practice
  • Listening activities
  • Voice modulation
  • Vocabulary building games
  • Do’s and Don’ts of acquiring native like accent
Module 4 (Expert): Public Speaking and Presentation Skills:
  • Role Plays
  • Dialogue and group discussions
  • Tackling real life and formal situations
  • Picture description and story making
  • E-Certificate for maximum attendance and good participation
Course Fee:
  • Standard Fee PKR 10,000.
  • 25% Discount for Students for The Punjab School.
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Venue: The Punjab School, Township and Johar Town Campuses
  • Registration dates: ON-GOING

Fee Submission:

  • Fee Section-The Punjab School
    Township Campus
    Sector C-I Block-II, Lahore
  • Bank Name: Allied Bank Limited
    Account No. 01530010107144730017
Please WhatsApp Your Fee Deposit Msg/Slip To <+92 3088882203> With Student Name and Contact Number (Training Dept.)
For more information: +92 3088882203