Professional Photography

The art of photography can be a lucrative career choice and can provide opportunities in fields such as fashion, business, journalism, wildlife documentary, automotive and travel industries, and interior design and decoration. Students who have a keen eye for image construction, editing, and sometimes an adventurous spirit, would find a career in photography a fulfilling vocation. News reporting photo journalism can introduce explorers and travelers to different cultures with exciting and engaging experiences. Those who desire to 'capture the moment' can use photography to fulfill an interesting and creatively diverse career. .

Objectives of this Program
  • Discover the technologies and tools used in Photography and explore the fundamentals of Cameras.
  • Discover the art of photography of portraits, Product, Fashion and Weddings.
  • Define and understand the fundamentals of composition.
  • Learn to use Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO settings.
  • Learn how to control lights with in studios and train your skills on a daily basis.
  • Discover the role of Photographer at Events.
  • Use Photography to assist designers and other digital developers
  • Course Fee:
    • Standard Fee PKR 15,000/- for individual Enrolment
    • Special Discounts Available
    • Internship Opportunity for qualified students.
    Duration of Course:
    1 Month

    Fee Submission:

    • Fee Section-The Punjab School
      Township Campus
      Sector C-I Block-II, Lahore
    • Bank Name: Allied Bank Limited
      Account No. 01530010107144730017
    Please WhatsApp Your Fee Deposit Msg/Slip To <+923088882203> With Student Name and Contact Number (Training Dept.)
    For more information: +92 3088882203