Enterprise Resource Planning

Line of business process in organizations. Support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to line of business process and their integration. Major components of ERP systems and inter-relationships. Advantages and limitations of ERP systems implementation. This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of ERP system, its architecture, and working of different modules in ERP. .

The key learning outcomes are:
  • 1.1: Identify the basic business functional areas and be able to explain how they are related.-
  • 2.1:Use an ERP software to perform tasks related to business processes.
  • 2.2:Apply business process knowledge to solve real world problems.
Course Content::
  • Introduction to business processes
  • ERP Basics and navigation
  • : Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Purchase to pay process
  • Plan to produce process
  • Order to cash process
  • Enterprise assets management and internal orders
  • Project Systems, Human Capital Management
Who should attend the Program?:
  • All professionals looking to advance their careers.
  • Computer science undergraduate and graduate students, as well as engineers and business administration students.
  • Teachers looking to become ERP course instructors to teach.
Course Fee:
  • Standard Fee PKR 50,000/- for individual Enrolment
  • Concession Fee PKR 45,000/- for Early Birds and Group (02 or more) Enrolments
Duration of Course:
This is 08 weeks
Total hours::
30 hours or until the final topic is finished
Saturday and Monday
7 pm - 9 pm
  • Bank Name: Allied Bank Limited
    Account No. 01530010107144730017
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