Montessori Education

Montessori Education

Rationale: The Demand for Excellence In Early Years Education

The growth of Early Years Education sector in gloably has created lucrative and promising career and business opportunities for Professionals Educators, and Educational Enterprenures. As part of a Visioanry Preschool Leadership, they are playing a significant role in the institutional growth and expansion, locally and globally. A well-versed educational professional turns up with his/her best when it comes to educational management, student’s learning, teacher’s competence and creating close school & home partnership. Preschool Leader’s vision & experience ensures school’s development & improvement. 21st Century Leaders need to work on 7Cs approach in order to create healthy and productive learning environment.

Professional Credentialing Program for Montessori Certification

This internationally accredited certification course is co-organized by MultiplyEd and TPS Trainings. MultiplyEd has partnered with QSi (USA) and APROCS (USA) under International Accreditation No. 2019-322 to commence much awaited yet Globally recognized USA-Awarded Educational Certification Program on school management. This certification is a professional credentialing program that verifies an individual's ability to proficiently manage the education system. It certifies that the person has potential to lead with a level of competency. Top international education organization employers always prefer such candidates for hiring and career growth.

Duration Of Course:
This Is 03 Months On-Campus Course With Twice-A-Week Classes
Module 01: Philosophy to Montessori Education
Module 02: First 1000 Days of in A Child's Life
Module 03: Exercises of Practical Life
Module 04: English Language
Module 05: Science and Sensorial
Module 06: Urdu Language - تدریس ردوُا
Module 07: Arts and Crafts
Module 08: Fun with Mathematics
Module 09: Culture and Geography
Module 10: Jolly Phonics
Module 11: Storytelling for Character Building
Module 12: Early Year Assessment
Course Brochure:

Course Fee:
  • Standard Fee is PKR 33000/-
  • - PKR.9,900/- per Month with 10% concession for Early Birds
  • - PKR.8,800/- per Month with 20% concession for Group of 2 or more
  • Duration of Course:
    3 Month

Fee Submission:

  • Fee Section-The Punjab School
    Township Campus
    Sector C-I Block-II, Lahore
  • Bank Name: Allied Bank Limited
    Account No. 01530010107144730017
Please WhatsApp Your Fee Deposit Msg/Slip To <+923088882203> With Student Name and Contact Number (Training Dept.)
For more information: +92 3088882203